On the Relation of Computing to the World (William J. Rapaport)


I survey a common theme that pervades the philosophy of computer science (and philosophy more generally): the relation of computing to the world. Are algorithms merely certain procedures entirely characterizable in an “indigenous”, “internal’, “intrinsic”, “local”, “narrow”, “syntactic” (more generally: “intra-system”) purely Turing-machine language? Or must they interact with the real world, with a purpose that is expressible only in a language with an “external”, “extrinsic”, “global”, “wide”, “inherited” (more generally: “extra-” or “inter-”system) semantics?


Filosofía para todos. Sesión 2. Interpretaciones y formas del marxismo: principales corrientes (Luis Sáez Rueda)


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“We are with you Catalunya” – the revolt in Spain is bigger than flags and language (Paul Mason)

From George Square in Glasgow to Syntagma Square in Athens, there was always a Catalan flag waving above the crowd. I never understood until now that those flags were an essential part of the story. The “breakup” narratives of modern Europe – whether they are pulling away from nation states, currencies, free movement zones or the EU itself – are all driven by a central fact: the current settlement does not work.


How the Catalan government uses IPFS to sidestep Spain’s legal block



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La deuda de EE.UU. supera los 20 billones de dólares por primera vez en la historia


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