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Canadian province to give every citizen $1,320 income boost to overcome poverty

A Canadian province is to run a pilot project aimed at providing every citizen a minimum basic income of $1,320 (£773) a month.

The provincial government of Ontario confirmed it is holding public consultations on the $25m (£15m) project over the next two months, which could replace social assistance payments administered by the province for people aged 18 to 65.

People with disabilities will receive $500 (£292) more under the scheme, and individuals who earn less than $22,000 (£13,000) a year after tax will have their incomes topped up to reach that threshold.

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Trump promises to bring back manufacturing jobs, but robots won’t let him

For Americans struggling with stagnant wages, under- or un-employment, one of Donald Trump’s most appealing campaign promises was to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Navigating the complexities of policy, tariffs and geopolitics would make that hard enough already for the president elect. But technology will make this promise nearly impossible to fulfill.

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Robots Are Coming for Your Job, But Only If You’re Poor

Last year, a widely discussed study suggested the 47 percent of US jobs were at risk from the robot takeover. Today, the authors of that paper, Oxford University’s Carl Frey and Michael Osborne have published the results of similar research for the UK along with a team from financial firm Deloitte—and it looks like the robo-revolution will be slightly slower this side of the pond. But it will still prove significant: their latest report suggests that 35 percent of UK jobs are at “high risk of being made redundant by technology in the next 10 to 20 years.”

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